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AKF's Veterinarians & Farriers

AKF's Veterinarians


Kendal Road Equine Hospital

10 North 051 Kendal Road

Elgin Illinois 60124


24 Hour Emergency Care


Magaret A. MacHarg, DVM





David R. Heinze, D.V.M.

David R. Heinze, D.V.M. is a 1976 graduate of Purdue University. Prior to graduation, David was a veterinary assistant to his father, who was also an equine veterinarian in the Lafayette, Indiana area. He is a member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners and is accredited to provide Chiropractic care for horses. David has been an Equine veterinarian for 22 years.

AKF's Farriers

Tim Lesko

Dave Jorgenson


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