Arabian Knights Farms

Arabian Horse Boarding & Training

6526 Clarendon Hills Rd. Willowbrook Il. 60514 630-325-3482

Arabian Knights Farms and Training Center of Willowbrook Illinois thrives on 10 beautiful wooded acres. Arabian Knights is located in the middle of the Western Suburbs is just 39 minutes from downtown Chicago. We are a complete equestrian center offering Arabian horses for sale, professional horse training, boarding and riding instructions. Arabian Knights Farms is one of the largest educational & training facilities in the greater Chicagoland area.

AKF -Equine Services Available


 Training & Board

 Run (no stall)  $525.00
 Stall w/ run  $600.00
 Stall w/ window  $575.00
 Stall  $550.00
 Stall w/ Foal  $650.00

$775.00 - $850.00
Call for a Quote on all AKF Training Programs Offers:
30 day performance evaluation $850.00
Conditioning (over board) $250.00
Halter Training $800.00
Performance Training $850.00

Lessons over 4 per month per horse $35.00
Private lessons per half hour $40.00
Horsemanship class (4 hrs) 2 hrs on Sundays  $135.00
 (4 free lessons per month with performance horse in training)

 Breeding Fees (Mare Owners)

 Breeding Fees (Stallion Owners)
Mare insemenation Fee  $150.00
Handling Fee  $275.00
Re-Handling Fee  20% Stallion fee
Equitainer deposit  $275.00
2 Separate cooled shipments  Incl.
Subsequent cooled shipments  $175.00
Shipping costs (vary)  Please Call
Stallion Collection  $150.00
Handling fee for Stallion Owners Mares  $275.00
Outside Stallion Handling Fee per Mare  $275.00
Booking Fee  20%

All Fees a Subject to Change without Notice based on Market Conditions!

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