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Schedule and Event Fees

Each page links to a schedule. Click on the schedule number to bring up an image, and print the page for review. For a Complete Event Contract, Please print all of the documents listed below.

If you desire to reserve a date or have any questions, contact

"Michael"at (630) 327-7399 (cell phone and voice mail). "The Barn's" Office phone is (630)-325-3482 or fax is (630)-325-3559.

Press Release ... about "The Barn" and Arabian Knights Farms.

References ... What They're saying about "The Barn" and AKF Entertainment

License and Rental Agreement Must Be Signed:

AKF Entertainment Event Pricing Options Form & Configurator:

You can Review and Print an estimated cost for your entire event. This form contains the following options: You may go direct to any area of interest below to view your options. You must link to the Event Pricing Form above and complete to price your entire event.

AKF Fund Raiser, class reunion, school event, church group, small family gathering or other similar event which will have a fixed per person price.

AKF "FAMILY" Parties and Event Package Options:

AKF Kids Games Packages:

AKF Adult Games Packages:

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