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Family Parties and Events

for Children and Adults

This AKF Party at"TheBarn" is for :

Name ___________________________Age_____

Type of party:

( ___) Birthday,

( ___) Graduation


(___) Other Events_________________

On(Day & Date) _________Time Start _______Ends__________

Number of Children Attending _______ Ages ______

Number of Adults Attending_________

Contact ___________________

Phone ___________________

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Includes Petting Zoo, Picnic Area and Tables, Indoor heated show

arena with 1000 sq. ft. Dance Floor.**

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1st two hours of rental $ 100.00

($50.00 for each additional hour)

# hours____ x $50.00 = $______

Total Rental (Includes**)$______

**AKF provides All Food & Beverages for Parties at "THE BARN"

You may link to "Schedules and Fees "for more Food & Beverage Options!

**If Outside Catering is used a Service Fee of $100.00

will be Charge along with all Skirting, Table Cloths, Staff and Clean Up Etc....

 Cake Time Served ______(you may bring in your own cake, plates and forks)  



Vienna Hot Dog, Potato Chips and Soda, Bottle Water and Lemonade for 2 hours (per guest) $5.00.

"Tony's" 5" Cheese Pizzas or + $1.00 "Tony's" 5" Sausage Pizza, Both Include: Soda,& Bottle Water and Lemonade for 2 hours (per guest) $6.00 or $7.00

Note: Add $1.00 per hour over 2 hours for Lemonade and Soda. Note: Click Below or See the attached sheets in the AKF party package for more "AKF Food & Beverage Options"................

"Schedules and Fees "

2hr Guests___x


3hr Guests___x


4hr Guests___x








 One Hour of Entertainment by AKF Game Leader $175 x ____hours = _____







YO-GO the Clown! One Hour of High Energy Entertainment with Dancing and GamesThe Family Clown for Children and Adults.

$175 x ____ hours = ____







One hour of games and fun includes your choice of one craft activity or pinata. (Crafts:
Sand Art or S'getti Jewelry or Color Me Buttons) Prices are for groups of 10 children. Note add $7.00 per child for additional Children over ten guest.

DVD of the Birthday, Anniversary or Graduating Person, Movie of Your Choice, or the Sporting Event of the Day:

On the Large 20'x17' Movie Screen Rated for Children and Adults.

"The Barn" and AKF Entertainment can even show Sporting Events or even a Movie during your Party and still have

other activities going on. Example of Movies for Children: Toy Story, Monsters Inc,.Shrek, Ice Age, Harry Potter,

Lord of the Rings, Scooby Doo, Peter Pan, Jimmy Neuteon, Air Bud, Snow Dogs, Spiderman, Star Wars, Jurrassic Park & more.

For the Adults: any request of your choice fron James Bond, Time Machine, Men in Black, Titanic, Ghost, Hannibal,

Bravehart, Harts War, Mission Impossible, The Godfather, Basic Instinct, A Beautiful Mind and more.

Movie Only can be in the Reception Hall seating from 10 to to 400 guest......... $`50.00 ________


Horse/Pony Rides - 1/2 hour per Pony / Horse.

$75 / 1/2 hour (____)1/2 hours. x ____ # Horses = ____













AKF Hay Wagon Rides (pulled by tractor)

$ 75 per hour (___)hours x____= _____

Children only( 4 or 5 at one time )








  Tractor Drawn Hay Wagon Rides (for Families or Children), 1 hour $150.00, 2 hours $250.00, 3 hours $325.00.

Horse Drawn Wagon Rides $650.00 ( 3 hours )







AKF's Uncle Jedd - talking farm character
Life size talking Mechanically animated character.
Head, eyes, mouth and hand move.
You can have your own personal pre-recorded dialogue.
Click here for more details & photo
$75.00___  ________


 Special appearance by Baby Bop - 15 to 20 minutes. 

$50.00___  ________ 



  Yo-GO the AKF Clown FACE PAINTING for the Children!

$175.00 / hour x ___hours= _____














AKF Children Magic Show or Balloon Animals a by AKF Clown (Underline your choice!)
$175.00/hour x ___hours
= ______



























AKF Bouncing Bronco with Attendant Indoor or Outdoors (14 feet x 15 feet x 18 feet high "Moon Walk" bounce) 2 hours Note:$50 per hour for each additional hour. Guests must take their shoes off.

Hours of FUN for Children,
Teens and Adults.







DDR Dance Revolution - $75.00 per hour,

Guitar Hero - $75.00 per hour,

Rock Band- $75.00 per hour,  

$75.00 x_____hrs.

per hour per Game 



"Pin The Tail "On The Donkey or

"Tic -Tac -Toss"Game: Toss Velcro Balls on the 5ft. Screen and Win (Circle Your Game Choice)$25.00 each.


$30.00___  ________

Bulls Eye (Plastic Velcro Darts)
Throw Darts to score points.


$30.00___  ________

Rattlesnake Roundup,
Throw Rubber Snakes into the Cowboy's sack.


$25.00___  ________

AKF Shooting Gallery (With Attendant)
Shoot Plastic Velcro Darts at the Barnyard Characters with the AKF Crossbow Gun.

AKF Laser Target Range on a Large Movie Screen with all the Sound affects. Note: This is for Teenagers and Adults they can played in Team Competition, with the Olympic Package or by alone for Prizes for High Score. @ $100.00 per hour. (2 hour minimum rental with attendent) Extra hours can be added @ $100.00 per hour. AKF 4 hours Package $350.00



















Six Foot Quarterback, Soccer
Baseball Pitcher Toss
$30 each game or $75.00 for all three games.


$________   ________ 

(2) Mini Basketball Games






9 Hole AKF Golf Course 3 hours
(Indoors or Outdoors)






AKF JUMBO BOXING GLOVES COMPETITION: Jumbo Red & Blue Boxing Gloves with Head Gear and

AKF JOUSTING COMPETITION: Jousting Red and Blue Arena Poles, Both Games 2 hours






AKF Golf Pro Challenge
(Adults and Teens Only)






AKF Bean Bag Toss Game and BOZO Buckets Bag Toss Game.


$40.00___  ________

"AKF "Dunk Tank, Age 12 years
And up with attendant for 2 hours Note: $50 per hour






AKF "Tug Of War " Game!! $20.00___  ________

AKF Water Balloon Games: Giant Water Balloon Sling Shot Game and Water Balloon Toss with AKF Attendant:

Giant Water Balloon Sling Shot Game: Each team of 3 or 4 players must catch the water balloon in a bucket after the water balloon is shot 100ft into the air. The team that catches the most wins.




Just the thing for a Hot Sunny Day! A pair of cages face each other 50’ apart. Two teams step into each cage and launch water balloons and battle at each other. Guaranteed to have plenty of

Wet and Wild FUN for all the Children and Adults! $200.00 for FAMILY PARTIES 2Hours #100 Water Balloons Included.











Extra Water Balloons $.50ea. #____x $.50 = $______



D.J. Music for Children and Adults:
Country to Rock or
Macerana to Chicken Dance,etc.....
$50.00 per hour after the first 2 hours.






Line Dance Instruction forChildren and Adults.






$100.00 ___








Deposit: Note: If you Cancel or Move your Party Reservations the Deposit is
$100.00____ -__ __

Date:_____________ Agreed ____________________________________(sign)

NOTE: Please Call, Michael for open
Dates, Times
and Reservations then Fax your

Copy with your selections to 630-325-3559
630-327-7399 Cell & Voice Mail
630-325-3482 Farm Office









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PARTY TIME ! at "The Barn"

Chocolate Fountain

Delicious Desserts through the flowing "Chocolate Waterfall" to Create

Chocolate Covered Delicacies!

Chocolate ! The ultimate in taste presented in the standard elegance!

A dedication to quality for your Guest with these options to dip under a Cascade of Chocolate!

27" High with 9" Fountain Base with the White Fountain Skirt

AKF's at " The Barn "

Cat Rack Wheel of Fortune Duck Pond Snow ConesCarnival Booths

NachosSnow Cones Hot Butter PopcornSpin Art Bean Bag GameBalloons

Arabian Knight's Farm

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 Bungee Run  Joust  Obstacle Course  Big Time Boxing  Super Slide
 Bugsy The Caterpillar  The Fly Trap  The Amazing Castle Maze  Propella The Play Plane  Rock Climbing Wall
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