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The LP-30 connects to the PC-based models of the CopyPro 2000 diskette duplicator. This duplicator / printer system allows for Disk On Demand applications for publishing unique data sets to uniquely labeled diskettes.


  • Labels disc in 4 seconds
  • Prints directly on diskette label
  • 300 DPI Resolution text and graphics
  • Uses Standard HP Deskjet Cartridge
  • Power: 120/220V
  • Input/Output Bins each hold 150 discs
  • Bit by Bit Verify
  • Steel Chassis
  • Approximately 13 lbs.

What the LP-30 Diskette Label Printer will do for you:

  • On-site diskette duplication saves you time and money
  • It eliminates delays from out-sourced duplication
  • It allows secure controlled production of diskettes, and
  • It uses inexpensive 3.5" diskette media

PC Connected In-Line Diskette Printer
PART NUMBER Description Price USD  
LP30C PrintJet In-Line Floppy Disk Printer $5,995.00  

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