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All CopyPro products are shipped directly from CopyPro. VCI is providing the order information on this website as a reseller for CopyPro. The appropriate order forms are properly expedited by VCI.

The following link will bring up an order page containing order forms and instructions for the various VCI and CopyPro products that are available for your purchase by fax or mail. Print the forms, and send all the completed forms to VCI. VCI will then route your Order in two hours to Mfg. and give you an ETA to Ship Best-Way or as directed by you.

Note: For your order to be accepted and processed, you must include an approved Signed CopyPro Limited Warranty form to acknowledge your understanding of the warranty.

Please use the Order Page Link below.When Ordering Product go to this link to Print and Sign all the VCI and CopyPro Products & Pricing Forms (Click Here or Click Below! )

Link to VCI Ordering Forms and VCI Pricing Pages:

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3.5" Floppy Diskette Duplicators

Diskette Duplicators and Label Printer and Networks

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