Here's A CD Format Guide




General-Purpose applications and multimedia titles Contains computer data like programs, graphics images, Video for Windows clips, WAV sound files - basically anything you can store on a hard drive. Any CD-ROM drive CD-ROM,
Yellow Book Mode 1
Hybrid disc A standard yellow Book CD-ROM that's been tweaked to work with PC and Mac (and sometimes Unix) file systems. Any CD-ROM drive Hybrid disc 
Audio CD Holds up to 99-tracks of high-quality, 4.1KHz audio. Virtually all current CD-ROM units offer drivers that let them play audio discs. Any CD-ROM drive Red Book,
CD-DA (Digital Audio)
Mixed-mode disc A dual-format CD-ROM/audio CD that usually contains one data track followed by multiple audio tracks. Audio CD players have trouble with this format, producing high-volume noise when they try to play the first track. Any CD-ROM drive Mixed-mode
Enhanced CD  A new type of mixed mode format that helps audio CD players avoid the data track by placing it at the end of the disc. Record companies use this format to add videos, and lyric sheets to conventional audio CDs. Unfortunately, not everyone uses the same format. Any CD-ROM drive; Blue Book discs require multi-session support. Enhanced CD Blue Book Multi-session, Orange Book Part 2
CD Plus An unsuccessful format that Sony tried to trademark as a proprietary Enhance CD standard. A multi-session CD-ROM drive Cd Plus
Video CD Video CDs hold up to 74 minutes of full-screen, full-motion video, usually storing a full-length feature on two discs. Any CD-ROM drive that supports the White Book specification Video CD, RealMagic, White Book, Bridge Mode, Yellow Book Mode 2 Form 2
CD-i A standard used by Philips' Compact Disc home-entertairunent machines. Few CD-ROM drives can play these discs, but White Book titles can provide limited interoperability between CD-I and CD-ROM XA hardware. Philips CD-I player or CD-I compliant CD-Recordable drive  CD-I, Green Book
Photo-CD A Kodak format that packs 100 high resolution photographic images onto a single disc. Any CD-ROM XA drive with multi-session support PhotoCD, CD-ROM, XA, Yellow Book Mode 2 Form 1, multi-session, Orange Book Part 2

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